Information for exhibitors.


If you are interested in a stand at the Reptile and Terraria Fair please fill out the "Booking" form.  

If you have any questions or comments about the fair please feel free to contact the organizer by sending an e-mail to:  

The entrance will be open to exhibitors from 6:00 am.  

The doors will be closed again at 8:30 am and will not be reopened until the Fair officially opens at 10.00 am . Every exhibitor, dealer and helper should arrive before 8.30 am.

The tables are 1 meter (app. 3 ft. 3 inch.)


Categories of tables:   Prices: Incl. entrance for:
Tables: For dealing with animals and accessories  13,- €/m. 1-3 meters gives a bracelet.
4-8 meters gives two bracelets.
9-13 feet gives three bracelets.
14-18 meters gives four bracelets.
19 and meters up gives five bracelets.
Electric   4,-  


  Different types of tables can be combined to a stand.


NB: It is under no circumstances allowed to bring to the fair animals that according to Danish law are not legal to keep/breed. 

If you wish to bring animals to the fair that is not “creep” then please contact the organizers in order to get permission to this.


The final date for registration is Thursday April 11. 2019


At the arrival at the fair all individuals connected to the stand must be registered and will receive a mark.

On first floor there is a cafeteria where you can buy food and something to drink. Smoking is only allowed inside the cafeteria or outside the hall.