Laws and rules for participants in The Reptile and Terraria Fair.

  No alcohol or smoking is allowed inside the hall.

  Damages caused to the building and/or inventory must be compensated for.

  If you are in need of electricity you have to bring your own power cables.

   It is not allowed to bring any animals, which due to Danish law are forbidden to keep/deal with.

  It is the exhibitorís/dealerís own responsibility to maintain knowledge of together with respect the laws and rules in force concerning the animals, plants and accessories, which are brought to the fair.

  It is now allowed to exhibit/trade animals which are included in exhibit A in the Minister for Environment and Energy executive order no. 499 of May 27th 1997 about protection of wild animals and plants by control with the trade (Washington Convention/Cities) without proper authorization from The National Forest and Nature Agency.

  No sale must take place to children under the age of 16 years .

  Anyone who has a stand on this fair has the full responsibility of the animals exhibited/sold during the fair no matter the ownership.  The owner of animals which are no longer connected to a stand (i.e. sold/given away) has the full responsibility for the animals bought/received.

  The animals should not be taken out and handled. If this takes place it is at the exhibitorís/dealerís own responsibility.

  When animals are sold or given away instructions, as how to take care of the animals are to follow the sale/takeover.


Laws and rules about maintaining the animals during the fair.

  The animals must be kept in secured terraria or boxes.

  Animals brought to the fair must have their needs for temperature, water and food fulfilled.

    1) Reptiles living in water and swamps must have access to water of a suitable temperature.

    2) All reptiles must be able to thermo-regulate. Cages, crates, boxes and the like must therefore be furnished with a warm and a cool area ( heat from a bulb, from thr bottom etc.

    3) Cages, crates and boxes must be so big that the reptiles are able to move freely between the two areas of temperature. Generally the reptiles/mammals are not allowed to take up more space than 1/3 of the bottom area of the container.

    4) Mammals must have access to fresh drinking water

  Concerning terraria/aquariums/cages for animals at the fair the rules are as follows:

       They must be in good hygienic standard.

   They must not be overcrowded (Generally the reptiles/mammals are not allowed to take up more space than 1/3 of the bottom area of the container.)

   Sharp or sticky things on the inside, tape or any other furniture that can hurt the animals must not be present.  

  The size and the furnish must be appropriate to the animals and their behavior i.e. as follows:

               The animals must be able to stand/lie in a natural position.

          Species that need bathing facilities must have a bowl, basin or similar containing water.      

          Digging species must have sufficient digging possibilities.

          Arboreal species must have climbing facilities.

          Shy species must have a possibility to seek camouflage or shelter.

          Amphibian larvae and neotenic newts (i.e. grownup larvae) must have either air supply through air stones, circulation of water or frequent water changes.